John Dorsey Ceramics
Etsy Shop now open
Hi all - my new etsy shop is now open. You can find it here:

Currently, I am only putting my new work in terracotta in the shop. I do have plans to put the stoneware and woodfired pieces on there as well. Stay tuned for updates...
12/12/16 Object, Image, Space
Our biennial is coming around again. Once again, I will be showing work in Foster Gallery come January 12. The newest body of work consists of wood-fired and high-fired slab cups. You can find out more about the show Object, Image, Space at
Faculty Show upcoming
The faculty show of Nobles is coming up in January. The show is titled "Pratt 108", a humorous take on the group show format as Pratt 108 is the designation of our office. We almost went with "We Just Work Near Each Other."

Just unloaded a kiln with pieces that I will put in the gallery. Some of them can be seen on this website under the heading "Windmills." The show opens January 12. You can find out more at