• Winter Pop-Up

    Winter Pop-Up

    Riverdale Pottery Collective is having our first Winter Pop-Up Sale on Sunday, November 28, 1-4pm. You can find out more at https://www.riverdalepotterycollective.com/

  • Riverdale Pottery Collective

    Riverdale Pottery Collective

    I have teamed up with Nora Creahan to form Riverdale Pottery Collective! Essentially, we are pooling resources in order to better get our work out in the world: farmer's markets, pop-up shops, etc. Nora's work is beautiful and I am honored to be able to work with her. Our website is opening this week!

  • Etsy Shop now open

    Etsy Shop now open

    Hi all - my new etsy shop is now open. You can find it here:

    Currently, I am only putting my new work in terracotta in the shop. I do have plans to put the stoneware and woodfired pieces on there as well. Stay tuned for updates...

  • 12/12/16 Object, Image, Space

    12/12/16 Object, Image, Space

    Our biennial is coming around again. Once again, I will be showing work in Foster Gallery come January 12. The newest body of work consists of wood-fired and high-fired slab cups. You can find out more about the show Object, Image, Space at www.fostergallery.org

  • Faculty Show upcoming

    Faculty Show upcoming

    The faculty show of Nobles is coming up in January. The show is titled "Pratt 108", a humorous take on the group show format as Pratt 108 is the designation of our office. We almost went with "We Just Work Near Each Other."

    Just unloaded a kiln with pieces that I will put in the gallery. Some of them can be seen on this website under the heading "Windmills." The show opens January 12. You can find out more at www.fostergallery.org.